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Do Good Stuff has partnered with Givebutter's modern fundraising platform to help you develop and employ the right strategies to meet your goals.


Do Good Stuff

Do Good Stuff partners with clients to produce events and meetings, execute development and communications initiatives, deploy and utilize powerful databases and software technology, assess current operational processes, and provide personalized coaching and training.

Do Good Stuff helps you develop and employ the practices and strategies that are best suited to meet your goals and objectives. In concert with other do-gooders, Do Good Stuff helps transform lofty objectives into tangible results through thoughtful collaboration, detailed planning, and deliberate execution.



Make the most of your CRM to unlock fundraising potential from your database

Donor Data & Analysis

Gain insights and uncover hidden potential in your donor data

Data Migration

Move donor and contact data from one CRM to another

Fundraising Events

Get help from a fundraising events expert

In-Person Events

Get help from an in-person events expert

Supporter Engagement

Get a plan for engagement that will get you results

Graphic Design

Tell your campaign story better with professionally designed graphics

Peer-to-peer Fundraising

Empower your most passionate supporters to engage their family, friends, and peers in support of your mission

Online Fundraising

Connect with your supporters where they are - online

Campaign Management

Hire an expert to fully manage all aspects of your Givebutter campaigns, including the set up and management on Givebutter.com

Hi, I'm

P Tyrone Smith-Cunha

Chief Do-Gooder & Results Conjurer

I am passionate about working with stakeholders who share a vision to do good stuff. I have a penchant for collaboration, a love of technology, a gift for managing complex initiatives, and the ambition to make a difference. These qualities have driven my success throughout my career, and I have developed an undeniable reputation for producing extraordinary results in concert with other fearless, motivated collaborators. My broad experience, ambitious temperament, and unique core values make me distinctively skilled and qualified for projects of any size and scope.

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