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Payout Management

Set your payouts to deposit on a daily basis as funds become available

Instead of waiting until the end of your campaign or some other arbitrary amount of time to transfer payouts, like many other fundraising platforms do, Givebutter works extremely hard to make your funds available to you as soon as possible. In addition to instant payouts via bank or debit, Givebutter offers the ability to withdraw funds on an automated (daily) basis, without the need to send in a manual request.

The default behavior for payouts on Givebutter is manual due to the strict fraud and security measures we have put in place to protect our users from bad actors. Currently, to enable automated payouts, you must:

  1. Be a verified nonprofit on Givebutter
  2. Link a bank account to your Givebutter account
  3. Complete at least one successful payout

Once you meet the above requirements, please reach out to our team at [email protected] and request approval for Automated Payouts.

Givebutter is so easy to use—our fundraisers span a range of demographics and age groups, and none have had any issues getting signed up and started. Individual and team fundraising options are fantastic, embedding the donation form on our Squarespace site was a breeze, and NO FEES lets our tiny grassroots nonprofit maximize the funds that go to our cause (instead of admin and fees)! As far as our organization could find, this is the only full-featured online fundraising solution that is 100% free. The price ($0) and feature set make it a no-brainer to at least explore and try! Givebutter made it so easy and affordable (free!) to get started. We've had more individuals sign up to fundraise, we've received more donations, and our average donation has increased!

Grant Boyadjian

Board Member

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Payout Management

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Set your payouts to deposit on a daily basis as funds become available

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