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Set suggested donation amounts and give each a meaningful label

A simple way for you to increase giving is to personalize the donor experience as much as possible. This is why we make it simple to customize the donation amounts and values presented to donors in your forms. Here are a few examples of how you can use custom values to increase giving on your donation forms, fundraising campaigns, ticketed events, and more:

  • Increase, decrease, or limit the number of default donation amounts (i.e. $50, $500, $5,000)
  • Explain the impact of each donation amount (i.e. $10 = Care Package)
  • Offer an incentive for certain donation amounts (i.e. $20 = Free T-shirt)
  • Enable or disable an "other" option for donations of any size
  • Require a minimum amount to be donated if the "other" option is enabled

Live Example

  1. Check out this live donation form with custom values:
  2. Each amount and value in the form was set by Dance Marathon (i.e. $25 - Care package for a child in need, $100 = Treatment plans & materials, $250 = Specialized services (i.e. pet therapy), etc.

With Givebutter we have a donor-centric online giving platform that takes all the modern payment methods. We can increase our donor engagement and allow our fundraisers to share our story in an easy and effective way. Givebutter has all the features we need: peer-to-peer fundraising; team and fundraiser performance tracking; and alternative payment methods like Venmo, digital wallets, and PayPal. It is easy to use both for our staff and our donors. We really like the ticketing feature and the ability to livestream events on our pages. They have a five-star support team. We really like the API with Double the Donation for matching gifts. The most helpful thing about Givebutter is the ease of implementation. It took less than a day to learn everything we need and get set up. It is a donor-centric, flawless online giving platform.

Alisa Vural


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Set suggested donation amounts and give each a meaningful label

Custom Donation Amounts